Monday, October 17, 2011

First circle granny blanket...done!

Hello wonderful crafters, I have great news...Yes, I'm done with my first circle granny blanket!
My boyfriend and I took some pictures I wanted to show you, I hope you like them.

My boyfriend's art ;) he, he

When I gave the blanket to the new-parents, they liked it very much. They were really surprised and congratulated my work.

The circle granny blanket was easy to make (and tiring at the same time, he, he!). I used a 4.5 mm hook and loads of love :)

My yarns had different thickness and I tried to equal them all. How? For some of the colours I had to use double yarn and, for the white colour, I had to use three balls at the same time.

This last part (working with triple yarn) was too mesy, I wouldn't recommend it. A couple of times it happened that I had such a tangle that I couldn't go on crocheting. It was too annoying, but I have learned the lesson.

Despite that, this circle granny blanket is one of my masterpieces at the moment!

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