Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Circle granny blanket. Part 1

This is the beginning of a project I'm really happy with. A cozy circle granny blanket. Like always, it has started with a lot of inspiration on the Internet and some present ideas.

One couple of friends had a baby three months ago, another one is waiting for a baby that will come in few days, and my dear small sister...I would like to give this special crocheted gift to them.

By now, I have chosen the colours I want to use:

And started crocheting the circles. I want to make the baby blankets 9 rows by 9, and a bigger blanket for my sweet sister, who is around 170 cm tall already :)
That makes a lot of work, huh?


So this was it for part one, I hope you like it and start crocheting a circle granny blanket soon. It's super easy and enjoyable.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Birdie decoration

Last week I saw in Attic24's wonderful blog, a "Birdie decoration tutorial" that I found really sweet. When I saw those little crochet birds, I couldn't resist trying to do one of those :) Attic24's crafts are amazing, she has fresh and inspiring ideas.

Here you have the result:

This is a really easy and fast craft for a saturday morning, just go and look for some small pieces of yarn, and trasnform them into a cute crochet bird.

Do you like it?

I gave it to my very best friend and she liked it a lot. She has put it into her new car! That made me smile, definitely!

I wish you all a lovely crocheting week!